Offline knife binds for CSGO

I spend a lot of time offline with bots, practicing aim, surfing etc., sometimes its boring to just inspect the default knives that come with the vanilla game. Since Valve has provided a way to switch knifes, I thought why not bind it and I wrote a script to just do that! Now I can run around switching knives with just the press of a button. Sweet!

Skyrim Keymap Bug Fixes for ESDF Users

Skyrim is one of the best games I’ve ever played, but the way the devs hard coded the menu keys is just game breaking for me and probably many others as well, maybe its their tight deadlines or maybe they were lazy. In any case I haven’t found an easy fix for this other than some mods/workarounds.

Using AHK for Game Automation

This was my first ever actual program that did something useful and from that day on I fell in love with programming. I discovered AutoHotkey while looking for a way to send rapid mouse clicks for an SA-MP gamemode. This was a zombie survival / death match mode and everyone who played the zombie team was using autoclickers to gain an advantage.