Unity - Setting up the Engine

This weeks updates consist of debugging Nvidia Geforce Experience, Unity setup and completing tutorial basics. Since its the beginning of my journey, I decided to take things slow. I don’t want to go too fast too early and end up quitting.

Death of ShadowPlay!

I wanted to take screenshots of the Unity installation and setup but for some reason Geforce Experience didn’t seem to listen to my commands! Hmm, weird. Opened up the app to find a pending update, but that shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

Anyhow ended up starting the update, hoping it would fix the issue. The update hung for about 15 minutes at System check, Fearing the worst I quit the installation program and thought of giving it another try.

The Revival

This time I took the high road and removed the drivers through Device Manager and rebooted in safe mode to try the installation again. This time it worked like a charm.

Unity Installation

Afterwards I proceeded with Unity Engine installation, ended up installing 2018 and 2019 builds as some of the built-in tutorials would only run on the 2018 build. Had to do a bit of research to figure this out though, it isn’t documented anywhere.

Getting Started

The 4 basic tutorials in the 2018 editor was easy enough that I flew past them in an hour.

After completing the basic tutorial I moved onto the Tutorial Projects tab, here I saw a bunch of nice tutorials but as you can see I was trying to download projects for 2019 build using 2018 editor. Unity didn’t complain but it didn’t do anything either.

One of them did download and when I tried to open it, threw a large stacktrace. Took me another minute to notice what I was doing wrong. So the next option was to try opening these tutorials in Unity build 2019.

Unity 2019 booting up...

The Baby Steps

Some of the projects in the Unity hub doesn’t have any option to open evenafter successfull download. Finally I ended up doing the Micro Kart racing game project in 2018 editor.

That’s it for this week. Until next time.