Welcome to my corner of the Internet :)

I’m Vishnu Prasanth! Comtemporary IT nerd, Programmer, Blogger, Youtuber, Gamer, Anime Geek & Violinist.

I use this blog as my journal to keep track of all the meaningless crap I endeavor upon in my spare time, so that if I had to do something a second time I can look up my beautifully written articles and save a ton of googling time. Hopefully

As an aspiring yet newbie writer, the thought that my posts are available to the public should inspire me to keep it updated and factually correct. Well.. that’s the plan but knowing me I’ll probably give up soon.

I mostly write about video game mods, tweaks, glitches, automation scripts and other programmer / gamer snafu in the name of passion. So if you’re into any of the above I suggest you take a peek at the Archive section.