All my Resolutions of the Past Decade

When everyone is busy with their resolutions for the new year 2020, I’m still being haunted by the resolutions I made 10 years ago! Yes, you heard me… 10 years, It all started in the year 2011.

My resolutions were as follows

2011 - Start a Youtube channel

Being an avid gamer, my main aim for the channel was to upload gameplay videos of my favorite games. But at the time internet was not as cheap as it is today and uploading took a toll on my BSNL 3G prepaid connection. So I had to give up.

2012 - Start a website

To write about video games ofcourse. My friend and I pitched in some money and bought a domain for 400/- and later realized that we couldn’t afford a hosting server. That ended very quickly.

2013 - Learn computer Hacking

I wanted to be a hacker after reading the book Hacker's - Heroes of the computer revolution. Didn’t waste any time to install BackTrack Linux (now Kali Linux) and started my journey to become an Elite hacker. Found the gnu documentation hard to understand, Had to give up since the Backtrack community doesn’t make things easy for noobs.

2014 & 2015 - Become a game developer

Accidentally discovered San Andreas Multiplayer and its gamemode scripting. Created a Zombie Apocalypse gamemode by following tutorials on sa-mp forums. Got hooked into programming, at this point I was a finaly year graduate student. So this helped me to land a job right after my studies.

2016 - Didn’t have any!

I had my reasons.

2017 - Start a blog

Worked my butt off to setup this blog and didn’t write a single word that year.

2018 - Read 1 book a month

Read 4 books, I consider this a success.

2019 - Learn Unreal / Unity

Tried Unreal as it was open source, later came to realize that I bit off more than I can chew.

2020 - Basically all of the above (Except computer hacking)

I know what you’re thinking, but this time it’s going to work, basically failure is the best teacher. 10 years of failures has taught me two things, Firstly I am a master procrastinator and secondly a Perfectionist.

The Realization

For me procrastination stems from my inherent perfectionism, and perfectionism leads to procrastination. Its a paradox!

Usually when I want to get work done, I imagine the perfect way of doing it, which results in an overwhelming amount of brain power being spent on imagination and thus inhibiting any action.

What is the solution to this you ask?

One effective method is to breakdown the task into manageable goals, this is called chunking. This will counter procrastination.

But what about about perfectionism? The only way I found to work around perfectionism is to intentionally be imperfect.

This is harder said than done, but if I’m procrastinating till the last minute, I’ll eventually end up with imperfect results. So aiming for imperfect results will get me there sooner so that will give me time to improves as per need.

Doing things vs doing the right things will decide whether I will meet my Goals. From here on out I’ll be focusing on result oriented work.

This is my plan

I will keep this blog and a Youtube channel to keep track of my game development progress. I will also post a book review every month. I will do everything while remembering that imperfection is my forte!